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Biggest Change in Google My Business –> GBP

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GBP new dashboard

Google has gone through one of the biggest changes regarding Google my business or should I say Google business profile.
As you all must have heard by now Google my business is long gone, it is now Google Business Profile (GBP) is it just a name change or is it something more let’s find out.

Rebranding their Google products is not a new thing for Google every now and then a product gets rebranded or shut down so this is not surprising at all but what is surprising is that this is actually the way that Google wants you to now make changes or edit your business profile. Basically, what they are focusing on is direct changes from the Google Maps what I mean is if you own a business or your business listing is on Google business profile you must have a dashboard where you log into your Gmail Account the login to your Google my business dashboard or control panel and you see your information tab your homepage you make your changes there and then they are visible on the Google Maps. What this means is that changes are visible on Google Maps but you have a dashboard, a separate dashboard on which you make the changes. So what Google now is doing is cutting the middle man that is they are removing the dashboard and directly enabling you to make the changes on Google Maps.

First of all this change will roll out quite slowly and will take a few years to get rolled out to all the countries and all of the GBP accounts so you don’t have to worry about learning new thing on learning a new type of interface overnight. This will be an easy shift. Now the main thing is when you type in your business listing on the Google search bar or google maps if you are the owner of the business and you are logged in with the Gmail account you will automatically see the listing and you will see a different kind of layout for that listing in which you will be able to make changes to all of the information that you would previously do while being on a dashboard. This will basically speed up your process, you can directly make changes and see them go live instantly and see how the customers are actually viewing your listing and accordingly you can modify your listing add the changes that you require.


Google has already rolled out this feature for a lot of businesses and it might
be active for you right now also, and the Google my business dashboard is also currently active. So far right now I guess you have two options to make changes to your Google business profile for anyone who feels convenient through the Google dashboard way I suggest you keep doing on from there only but also, I suggest that you regularly visit through the Google Maps directly so that you can see exactly how the changes take place and when eventually Google My Business dashboard will be removed permanently you would be able to switch back to the Google Maps quite easily.

One of the reasons that Google decided to make the changes is Google fees that the business owners are not regularly updating their information on their Google business Profile. Now why is this important for Google? So, you know Google wants as much of the traffic as they can get and not only that they want the traffic to keep coming back. When will the customers or people who visit Google keep coming back to the website is when they feel that the information that they are getting is reliable, trustworthy and accurate? So how can Google do this? By forcing the people who are business owners of Google my business to regularly update the information in their profile that represent up to date and accurate information to the end user.

Say for example you are the owner of business you have recently changed your location but in Google my business you have not updated that information and someone searches for your business, sees that you are located in the old place visits at the old place and now he or she has got the wrong information because you have already relocated from that premises. So according to the user Google is at fault because Google was not able to provide him or her with the right location of your business so the customer or the end user will blame Google but actually the fault is of the Google my business owner who has not updated his or her information in the Google my business dashboard but that won’t matter to the end user and the end user will blame Google for this and it will negatively impact the image of Google in the minds of the user. One such instance wont matter so much but think if this happens in the millions. This is the reason Google wants you to keep updating your profiles. Google wants to give accurate up to date and trustworthy information to the end user and for doing that everyone who is using Google for their own businesses need to update their information not only for themselves but for Google also.

As a digital marketer I can guarantee you this if you are not updating your Google my business sorry Google business profile information, if you are not regularly adding services or products or making post at least twice a month, slowly you will go behind in the rankings of the Google business profile even if you are ranked in the top three. And that is something that Google doesn’t want to happen because they constantly want you to keep on doing something or the other on your dashboard so that one day you will run ads on it and Google can earn money from that. In the end guys Google is a business and it is there to make money and to make money Google needs as much of the businesses that it can get, more the businesses Google has more the chance that they will use additional money to run ads to rank higher.

Now if you are unaware of what is Google my business, what is Google business profile (GBP) should I have a listing of my own business in this area?
Is it really helpful?
Is it worth my money?
Is it worth my time?
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Google my business is actually free if you can do it by yourself you don’t need to spend even one rupee to make your Google business profile Live ready to view for your customers so I urge you to get yourself listed as soon as possible on Google business profile if you have not already. But yes if you ask any digital marketer to get your listing done they will charge money and so will I. The reason is it takes a little bit of time it usually does not happen in one go there are a few hurdles that generally come across and for that I will charge some basic fee from you but yes I can guarantee you if you are a genuine business owner your listing will be live within one day of getting in touch with me, it’s that fast guys. But getting your business listing live is not the end of the story guys. If your listing is live but not verified basically you have done only 20% of the job so that is why you need to get your business listing verified this usually takes around 14 days. What Google does it sends an OTP through postcard to the address registered to your business and then you have to enter that postcard to get your listing verified this way the information given to you on Google is genuine and accurate. Now this postcard may or may not arrive on time and for that Google has started offering other verification methods like video call, voice call and email verification. Now because this become a little bit of technical task and there are several email exchanges taking place between you and Google, you might need a help of a digital marketer here. So I am here for you for that. What I can guarantee you is the business listing will be live within one day. Your business listing will be verified within 15 days. But sometimes it takes a little bit more time may be 20-25 days but if you are a genuine business owner who has provided all the details correctly, your listing will be live I can guarantee you that. So get in touch with me to get yourself listed on Google Business Profile (GBP) today.

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