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How to grow as a Digital Marketer?

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The digital marketing market is become saturated. About 10 years ago it was the next big thing but now it seems to be a thing done by everyone. So it is more important than ever to be better than the rest, to beat your competition. In this time how will you improve your digital marketing skills without sacrificing your client’s budget? Its simple use your own.

You as a digital marketer must be having a website. Be it on a CMS or by programming language doesn’t matter. If you don’t have one then create 1 right now after reading this post. Trust me it is your duty as a digital marketer to do so. Not only to attract your clients but also to see where you stand in that department. If you already have a website then you can use that to do experiments. If you feel like you are getting a lot of visitors on that website and don’t want to disturb the flow there then I am sure you can afford to buy a new domain and hosting. It costs less than ₹4,000 for 1 year. Think of that website as you passion & experiment website.

Start Experimenting

Okay so now that you have your own website start doing random things with it. Be it the design element, playing with colors, text, shadow images videos. Show it to your colleagues, friends & family and compare it with other websites of similar genre. Think of it sort of an exercise to expand your mind into thinking more creative and learning new tips & tricks. This will also improve your speed and you get more used to editing whole pages. And when the work for your client comes you won’t feel as pressured to do the same thing that you used to. Plus, you would be excited to show all your newly learned skills and might just start to get more interest.

Run Those Ads

Okay so everyone knows hoe to make ads. Everyone knows how to run ads. So, what is that reason for which you can charge money from your clients to come to you? The answer lies in optimization. An expert digital marketer might be able to generate 3 times more leads/ sales from the same budget as compared to a novice. This is because he/she is good at optimizing the ads. The keyword in ads is OPTIMIZATION. Everything lies here. You need to understand how to optimize your ads to get the best results. This will happen only when you run long campaigns. More than 2 weeks minimum. Because Google and Facebook have their algorithm modifying the campaign itself for 2 weeks to improve efficiency. So you need to give very campaign 2 weeks itself to grow and let M.L do its work. In these 2 weeks note how the responses change. 

Learn more about Machine Learning 

Play around with the bid a bit to see the changes. Note what audiences have you selected. What are the time and date that get you maximum responses? And also, the devices used, location targeting is another big factor. Gather all tis data and remove the poor performing ads or change settings in those. Get in a hobbit of scoring at least 8 out of 10 in quality score given by Google. Make sure to allocate more budget to ads getting CTR of more than 3% but only if those result in actual sales or revenue. If your goal is generating traffic then it is another thing.

CTR is an important factor but that’s not the only thing that you need to be looking for. Similarly getting new users is also a factor affecting your ranking. But at some point, you need to ask yourself that is all of this resulting in proportionate increase in revenue. If yes then kudos to you. If not then you need to change your targeting strategy. Change your audiences. Make use of different traffic sources. Do something that you haven’t done till now.

The benefit here is you are doing all this to your own website so if anything goes wrong or you have a bad week no one is shouting at you but instead you have learned something that you can apply to your client’s work. Plus, since this is your own website, you have all the data to compare it with. You are in competition with yourself, that is the best kind.

A/B Testing

As simple and effective as anything. Get to the bottom of the best post by the process of elimination. Make 2 different posts, promote them in the same way, select the one that gets the better results and note what was affecting the worse one. Then make another post keeping

in mind what all you have just learnt and run it again along with the winner of the last post. Keep doing this till you are satisfied and keep making a list of the good and bad elements for your future reference. The same thing you can do with Ads on Google & Facebook.

Content Marketing

Think of a topic and just try to write something. You are out of topics there are many websites that can provide you one. Keep in mind the keywords and the user both. Why are you writing this sentence and how do you want the user to interpret this as? This is important because robots may rank your post in the start but it is the actual user that makes it rank in the top. Keep in mind the keyword while writing every paragraph. Keep in mind them while doing SEO in your website. Make sure to add elements like images, videos, links, graphs to engage the user more. Tell them to share this post. Like this- Share this post to tell your friends on how to grow as a Digital Marketer? It is easy. Content writing is not just about writing content. Instead of thinking as a content writer think as a reader and what he/she would want to read and then accordingly try to write on that line. What you write is important but how you present it is equally important. To grab the attention of the user is key here. 

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