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What, why & how of Digital Marketing?

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what why how of digital marketing

What is digital marketing? Why in today’s day and age does your business require digital marketing? And how to go about it?

Rahul – You might be asking all or some of these questions to yourself or to your kids who are always on their phone. Just what is this? Will it really help my business to grow? And how to go about it because I don’t know the abc of digital marketing.

So, sit back and relax as I will answer all your questions here. As easy as possible.


Rahul – Well simply speaking the marketing done online, or through digital media channels is called digital marketing.

You – Well that was simple enough but I still don’t get it give me a real-life example from which I can relate to.

Rahul – Alright so let’s look at it this way. You run a local shop of let’s say mobile phones. You are selling all kinds of mobile phone and you are able to match the pricing of online giants. But the customers still are not coming at your shop because they just don’t know about it. In case of traditional media what you could have done is taken out a newspaper ad, print some pamphlets, put up a big board sign to attract the customers to your local business shop. Now this takes up a lot of time, and effort and there is no real way of calculating which method of advertisement was the most successful. You might thing that the hoarding is successful but it might turn out to be the least successful of all the methods. There is way to track and calculate ROI. In case of digital marketing what you can do all this and more. With digital marketing tool what you get is the way to keep a track of all your expenses and spend more on the ones that are giving you maximum returns. For example, to attract new customers to your local business you decided to run Google ads in the form of Search ads and Display ads. Also leaving no stone unturned you went in with Facebook ads too. Now within a day of running these ads you will have almost real time data like how many people clicked on your ad, how much money you spent on each, what time of the day is most popular for you and so much more.

You- Okay so how does this benefit me?

Rahul- You can use this data to optimize your ads. For example, if you got 100 customers to your shop by spending ₹15,000. By using this data, the next ad campaign that you create will optimized better and targeting will improve too. So maybe now you can get 100 customers for just 12,000. In all this time not only, you are attracting new customers but are also specially targeting your existing customers with Remarketing. This is a huge benefit of digital marketing that traditional marketing can never compete to.

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You- Okay so what all do I need to have to rune these ads. I don’t want the hassle of a website it seems to hard to maintain.

Rahul- No problem, for a local business like you can create a Facebook page, Instagram page for FREE. You can also list yourself on Googler My Business for free. You only need to pay when you want to run ads. If you feel this is a bit too technical or you doubt have the time for this then this is where digital marketers like me come in. I’ll make your Pages and your listing for a very reasonable cost. And once you start to see the sales jump you will realize hat this is not an expense but an investment.

You- So I don’t need any website, right?

Rahul- Well it is not compulsory to have a website. But having one does add certain authenticity and trust for your business. Think about it, how many times you have looked up a company online, and if they didn’t have a website. Well, you just don’t think that it is real. Having a website lets the customers get to know you and builds trust. Having a website is not some rocket science in today’s world. Getting domain and hosting from GoDaddy will cost less than ₹4000 for 1 whole year. Some platforms are even cheaper than this. You can use them to try it out for a few months and then shift your hosting anytime you want.

You- Alright so I get a Facebook page, I get a google my business listing I get a website. Is it worth all this hassle? I mean really?

Rahul – Yes, it is. Because everyone else is already there. 90% of your competitors are online. And the rest who are too stubborn are struggling to survive. Especially in the past 2 years we have seen a drastic shift towards inline preferences. Things you never thought could be bought online are now being bought online even Cars. This is the future. People have gotten used to the comfort and convenience of online shopping.

You- I think I convinced, I need to get digital or I am out of the race, the competition is very high and margins are very thin, the sooner the better to enter into digital solutions. So, tell me how can I begin my digital marketing journey.

Rahul- Just get in touch with me. At Digitally Solved, we focus on our clients as we each business is different and each client is unique. We discuss what are your goals and how can we go about achieving them.  Maybe you run a small business from just your Facebook page, or maybe you are a doctor with a google my business listing or maybe you have a website that sells natural products online. Each business requires a unique perspective and different approach. Get in touch with a Digital Marketer, if you are unaware about digital media then we will guide you on where it is best for you to focus and invest.

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